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Considering getting a bird? What you need to know.

Considering getting a bird? What you need to know.

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Dec 14th 2021

Are you considering getting a bird for your home? If so, there's much you should know about bird care. The more you know about birds before you acquire your pet, the easier the transition to bird ownership will be. It's important to be ready for your pet before it arrives! Here's what you need to know.

Birds fill the house with sound.

Birds can make a variety of noises, from warbling to chirping - and some of them even talk. If you're hoping for a quiet pet, a bird may not be the right pet for you. The types of noises your pet makes will depend on what kind of bird you have.

Birds rise on their own schedule.

Birds rise on their own schedule - sometimes in the middle of the night! You may be able to stop your bird from making noises by putting a light-blocking cover on their cage - but if your bird hears other birds outside, they may rise before the cover comes off.

Birds have sensitive respiratory systems.

Birds can be affected by everything from cigarette smoke to the toxins released by burning teflon. Be aware of the ways that your bird is sensitive to your home's indoor air quality, and take care to keep your home's indoor air clean as possible - especially around your bird.

Your bird will need a proper cage and toys.

Buy your bird a cage that's big enough for the type of bird you're going to get. The bigger the cage, the better. When buying a cage, check to ensure that the cage you're buying is rated for the species of bird you're buying.

Also purchase toys for your pet, to give them something to do! Birds are very smart and need something to occupy their time when you're not playing with them. Finally, birds make a lot of mess by tossing seed around - so buy a seed catcher to prevent seeds from making a mess all over your floor.

Get what you need before your bird arrives.

Your bird will need all their supplies and their cage before they arrive at your home. Get what you need for your bird from Feeders Pet Supply