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Dog training is very beneficial for not only the health and safety of your dog but for you as the owner. Training can be key in strengthening the bond that you have with your dog. At Feeders Pet Supply we offer many different levels of training for all life stages. We’re committed to the success and well-being of your dog and even invite the entire family to join the class. Each session runs for 6 weeks with one class of approximately one-hour duration per week. Proof of updated and current vaccination's are required. Please bring a copy of your pet's Parvo, Distemper, Bordatella & Rabies vaccination records to your first training session. 

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Classes Offered




The main focus of the level 1 class is socialization & management skills. Basic behaviors such as sit and leash walking will be introduced.

For dogs 18 weeks & older. Must have attended Level 1 orientation at Feeders Pet Supply and Level 1 class or its equivalent. The dog must have good attention & focus, average leash-walking skills, and the ability to hold at least a 1-minute sit/down-stay.

Must have completed level 2 class or its equivalent and have attempted Level 1 orientation at Feeders Pet Supply. Level 3 may include but is not limited to, advanced obedience skills, Rally obedience, tricks, or other targeted behavior.

Advanced Classes

Canine Good Citizen Classes

These classes will focus on skills required for the AKC CGC, CGCA and Tricks Test, and/or Therapy Dog Test. Other intermediate- level behaviors will be included such as prolonged stays and working at higher levels of distraction.

Rally O

This is a level 2 class with the performance sport of Rally.

Tricks for Titles

Introduction to agility equipment using positive and safe techniques that are fun for you and your dog.

Nose Work

Dogs are trained to alert to a specific odor that is hidden

Therapy Dog

Join us on a journey where compassion meets companionship as we guide you through the essential skills and techniques needed to become a certified therapy dog team.

Smart Start Puppy Class

Smart Start Puppy class will help you make the most of your puppy’s brain that is ripe for new information. Your puppy-raising questions will be answered, and you will have a head start when you enroll in a group puppy class. Age requirement for your pup when you attend class is 8-16 weeks. Classes are only currently available at our Middletown location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to class?
  • Proof of current vaccinations per veterinarian recommendation. *All dogs 4 months of age or older are required to have a rabies vaccination
  • Level 1 classes do not bring your dog the first night
  • 4 or 6-foot leather or nylon leash
  • Collar: buckle or snap (bring any training collar you have been using)
  • Apron or treat pouch to hold treats and training aids
  • Small soft training treats
  • Water dish and clean up supplies (baggies)