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How to Feed Wild Birds in the Winter

How to Feed Wild Birds in the Winter

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Jan 30th 2023

Our backyard friends may be wild and free year-round, but that doesn’t mean they always have it easy. During the winter, bird’s natural food sources, such as insects and seeds, become scarce. This causes the birds to change their eating habits in order to survive. So, what can you do to help birds in the wintertime? Continue reading below to find out.

What is Suet?

Essentially, suet is fat found around the organs in animals, especially beef. In the world of feeding birds, suet comes in many compressed shapes such as cakes and balls. Suet is easy for birds to digest, and is often mixed with other ingredients that are attractive to birds.

Benefits of Suet

Suet offers many benefits to wild birds - especially during the wintertime. Suet is filled with calories, allowing it to be a quick source of energy for active birds. These additional calories also help to keep the birds warm during long, cold winter nights. This power food also contains an abundance of nutrients and minerals, depending on the ingredients of the specific blend. At Feeders Pet Supply, we offer a variety of suet flavors that are formulated to target wild bird’s nutritional needs.

Does Different Suet Attract Different Birds?

The type of suet birds consume depends on what kind of foods they typically eat. For instance, Orioles, Bluebirds and Cardinals are used to eating berries and other fruits. If you are wanting these birds to favor your yard, we recommend trying Pure Flight’s Very Berry Suet. On the other hand, Jays and Woodpeckers heavily include nuts in their diet. So, Pure Flight’s Super Nutty Suet will likely be a hit if your backyard friends are among these kinds of birds. If you find other animals of the wildlife are also enjoying their share of suet, try hot pepper suet cakes. The birds won't mind the added flavor, but squirrels and other animals can't take the heat and will stay away.  

PRO TIP: If you’re wanting to attract a variety of birds to your yard, try putting out a different suet flavor each time you refill your feeder.

Speaking of feeders, which is best to use for suet?

The kind of feeder you will need depends on the shape of the suet. For suet cakes, Pure Flight’s Single Cake Feeder is durable and easy to use. For suet balls, Feeders Pet Supply offers a feeder that will provide easy access to your feathered friends.

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