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New Kitten Checklist

New Kitten Checklist

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Feb 23rd 2022

Bringing home a new kitten is one of the most exciting times in your life! However, bringing home a new furry friend can be stressful too. One way to make your new kitten feel right at home is making sure you have all of the essential supplies in place.

Quality Kitten Food

Just like babies, kittens need proper nutrition to grow and thrive. Food formulated for kittens is vastly different from adult cat food. Kitten food contains extra protein, vitamins, fats and minerals. When deciding which kitten food is best for your new furry friend, you have the option to choose wet food or dry food. Some of our favorites are from WellnessAcana and Orijen. During your first vet visit consult with your veterinarian to see what kitten food they recommend for your cat’s specific nutrition needs.

Food & Water Bowls

Your kitten should have their own food and water bowls. Petrageous Designs has several bowls for cats that are durable and easy to clean. Not to mention, they are stylish and will fit right in with your home décor!

Kitten Treats

Let’s be honest, we all want to spoil our pets every chance we get. Treats are a great way to reward and bond with your new kitten. There are many options for kitten treats. However, make sure you give your kitten treats in moderation as too many treats can cause health problems. Here are a few we recommend having your kitten try out:

Wellness Kittles

Whiskas Temptations

Catit Creamy Lickable Treats

Collar & ID Tag

Believe it or not, your new kitten is just as excited to be home as you are to have them. This means they will want to explore their new home right away.Collars with a bell are a great way to keep track of your kitten around the house. In case your kitten decides to sneak out the door, it is crucial to make sure they have an ID tag attached to their collar. Luckily, your local Feeders Pet Supply has an ID Tag Machine with many options so you can create the perfect tag for your new kitten.

Cat Bed

Your kitten is the newest member of your family and you want them to feel at home. More than likely, your kitten will spend most of their days resting in their bed. So, it is important that the bed is as cozy and comfortable as possible. Cats typically like to sleep under covered areas, as they like to feel comforted and safe as they snooze. If this is the case for your new kitten, the DMC Hooded Cat Hideaway Bed is a perfect fit! Another crucial factor to consider is how washable the material is.


When your kitten isn’t snoozing away in the comfort of their bed (or with you on the couch), they are probably trying to find ways to stay entertained. Feeders Pet Supply offers many toys that are sure to keep the interest of your feline. If you are wanting to add some fun and spunk to your cat's day, you can sprinkle some Incredipet Catnip either to a toy or your kitten's bed. Catnip is a fun and healthy treat for your cat to promote play and exercise!

Scratching Posts & Cat Trees

Scratching posts are an essential item to have for all cat owners. They give your kitten the opportunity to climb and scratch without doing so on your furniture. Cats love to be on the tallest perch in the room.Cat trees can be used for safety, comfort, and fun for your kitten.

Litter & Litter Boxes

Although litter boxes may not be the most exciting item on your list, they are a necessity for cat parents. When your cat is a kitten, it is best to get a litter box that is easily accessible. You will also need to find litter that is safe to use. When your cat is young, it is best to use non-clumping litter to avoid health issues if ingested.

Last but not least, remember to enjoy yourself! Bringing home your kitten means you are bringing home your new best friend!