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Your Pet's Horoscope and Personality Traits According to Their Zodiac Sign

Your Pet's Horoscope and Personality Traits According to Their Zodiac Sign

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Nov 15th 2021


December 22 - January 19

Element: Earth

Capricorn pets are dedicated and loyal, and they take well to training and discipline. Most pets with this earth-element sign enjoy having a job to do, so they work out well for livestock protection, herding, and even standing guard for the family. During these months, your pets will finally learn how to master the training techniques they may have been struggling with before. When they do, give them one of Earth Animal’s 4 in No-Hide Salmon Chew For Dogs. Your pet will love these treats, and will continue to excel in training with this reward.


January 20 - February 19

Element: Air

Aquarian pets are often more eccentric and stand apart from the rest in terms of personality. Don't be surprised if these pets have a strong will, a streak of stubbornness, and a desire to explore. This month, you can expect training to be a bit more of a challenge, these pets are highly intelligent—don't let them fool you. You may experience stubbornness by your pet neglecting to eat their food. Try changing your dog food to Ultimates Chicken & Rice Dog Food – they are sure to love this change and will look forward to every meal.


February 20 - March 20

Element: Water

The Pisces pet is gentle, loyal, and compassionate—they make great companion pets. Your pet may be attached to your hip this month, and that’s because they can be highly sensitive to the emotions of their owners. The water element is strong in these pets, so they can have a curious, flexible nature that coincides with the environment.


March 21 - April 20

Element: Fire

A pet born under the Aries sign can be full of spunk, vigor, and impulsivity. During these months, Aries pets are bound to be more energetic than most, and they can be slightly pushy when it comes to getting their way. Nevertheless, the Aries pet is just headstrong enough to be wholly dedicated to its human companion.


April 21 - May 20

Element: Earth

A Taurus cat or dog can be a toss-up between practical and stubborn, but with a telltale protective nature that's hard to miss. Your Taurus pet is also highly likely to be drawn to things that make it feel comfortable, whether that is certain treats, toys, or people. You can expect your pet to be more drawn to you this month – but only on their terms.


May 21 - June 20

Element: Air

Gemini pets are diverse and intelligent, and they can be enthralled by playtime and toys while still being alert to danger and loyal to the family. This month, your pet may be more likely to roam because they have an inner need to explore and keep their minds stimulated.


June 21 - July 22

Element: Water

A pet born under the Cancer sign is going to be a sensitive pet that builds a certain affinity for a specific human in the household. This month, your pet may be more alert than usual. These pets can be highly protective, but so in tune with your reprimands that gentle training is a must to avoid broken trust.


July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire

A naturally strong leader, a Leo pet is not going to be so keen on being told what to do but is fiercely intelligent. These pets can be protective over toys and may not get along well with other more submissive animals. Just the same, when a Leo pet develops a kinship with its family, there is no breaking that bond.


August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth

The Virgo animal is a quick learner because it thrives on a need to accomplish and please. If you have a Virgo dog, expect him to be easy to housebreak. Likewise, the Virgo feline will be incredibly discerning where construction is concerned and eager to be praised.


September 23 - October 22

Element: Air

Libra is one of the most connection-seeking signs of the zodiac. Libra pets desire to have a social connection with either people or other pets, so they tend to do well in a multi-pet household. For this reason, the Libra cat or dog will prefer co-sleeping this month, and to stay in your company most of the time.


October 23 - November 22

Element: Water

Scorpio pets are insatiably curious, highly intelligent, and can be quite willful and stubborn without the proper training. You can expect pets born under the sign of Scorpio to be a bit mischievous and know exactly how to hide their intentions when they know they are doing something wrong. If your pet gets into something they are not supposed to, use the Tropiclean Papaya And Coconut Luxury 2 In 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner For Pets to clean them up.


November 23 - December 21

Element: Fire

Sagittarian pets love adventure, have a great deal of energy, and like to have the freedom to play and explore. For this reason, these pets make good companions for people who live a more active lifestyle and like to have their pet with them on the go. During these months, don’t forget to bring your Sagittarian pet along with you on your adventures!