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Boarding Basics

Temperament Check and Booking

In order to ensure the safety of all animals in our care, upon booking, we require a temperament check, or better known as a behavior evaluation.


Temperament tests help us identify which pets will be approved to stay at our boarding facility. We will evaluate your pet’s physical and mental characteristics and their reaction to the characteristics of other pets alike. This will lower the risk of accepting pets that may cause harm to staff or other animals.


If your pet’s temperament check is approved, you will be able to book your first stay. You will need to sign a pet release waiver, our service agreement form, and provide vaccine records.

Vaccine Requirement

All dogs MUST be vaccinated with Parvo, Distemper, Bordatella, and Rabies vaccines. Proof of vaccination is REQUIRED.

Add-on Services

Daily medication: Medication is administered to pets per the medication requirements. Each pet is assigned a number that is associated with the suite and locker. Medication and personal belongings are stored in the assigned locker. Please ensure that the medication needed will last the entirety of your furry family member's stay with us. 


Additional play time: If you want to ensure your pet is tired out and ready for bed, purchase some extra play time. A tired pet is a happy pet. 


Kong stuffed toy: Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. When play time is limited, mentally stimulating activities can help wear your pup out. Provide your furry friend with a Kong to keep them happy and stimulated. 


Daily CBD/calming dose: Does your pet get separation anxiety or nervous in a new place? Provide your pet with Intuition Soft Chews Calming Supplement


Daily Food: Add on our Intuition Dog or Cat food and prevent yourself the hassle of bringing in your own!


Our high-quality facilities include suites for dogs, cats, small pets, and birds. Below are the suite dimensions:

Small Dog: 3ft x 3ft suite

Large Dog: 4ft x 6ft or 5x6ft suites 

Cat: 3ft x 2.5ft suite

Small Pet/Bird: N/A (enclosure provided by owner)


Play time is spent in the 1300 square foot temperature-controlled AstroTurf. An 8ft chain link fence encloses the play area. Small and large dogs are divided to ensure safe playtime. 

Staff Training and Certifications

Our boarding staff goes through extensive training of over 40 hours to ensure your dog is in the best hands. To learn more about their training experience, click here.

Grooming Services

Pamper your pet with a trip to the grooming spa for a bath, groom, de-shed or nail trim. During their stay, all grooming services are 20% off! Upgrade further by adding a mud bath, paw wax, canine massage and more!


Safety is our top priority. We do not allow retractable leashes. Please bring a standard 4ft or 6ft lead.

Get in Touch!

Want to know more about our boarding service? Please call (888) 667-1214 for any additional information.