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Selarid Puppy/Kitten Topical Solution

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Selarid® Topical Solution For Puppies & Kittens
Product Information
Selarid® Topical Solution is a broad spectrum once a month topical application that kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching and is indicated for the prevention and control of flea infestations, prevention of heartworm disease, and treatment and controls ear mites in dogs and cats. Selarid® treats and controls sarcoptic mange and controls infestations of the American dog tick or Wood tick in dogs. Selarid® treats and controls infections from intestinal hookworms and roundworms in cats
Dogs (at least 6 weeks of age) and Cats (at least 8 weeks of age)
Generic Name
Brand Name
Selarid®, Senergy™, Revolution®
Drug Class
Avermectin (Topical) Antiparasitic
Product Description & Form
Selarid® Topical Solution is a colorless to yellow liquid.
  • Once a month application that works systemically
  • Prevents heartworm disease caused by D. immitis in dogs and cats
  • Kills fleas and prevents flea infestations (C. felis) when given routinely every 30 days in dogs and cats
  • Treats and controls hookworms (A. tubaeforme), roundworms (T. cati) when given routinely every 30 days in cats
  • Treats and controls sarcoptic mange (S. scabiei) and for the control of tick infestations from American Dog tick (D. variabilis) when given routinely every 30 days in dogs
  • Treats and controls ear mites (O. cynotis) in dogs and cats
  • Bathing or shampooing the dog 2 or more hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness against fleas or heartworms
  • Bathing or shampooing the cat 2 or more hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness against fleas
  • Bathing or shampooing the cat 24 hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness against heartworms
  • Approved for cats 8+ weeks of age, approved for dogs 6+ weeks of age
  • For use in puppies & kittens up to 5 lbs
Active Ingredients
Selarid® Topical Solution should be applied as directed by your veterinarian. This medication should be administered at every 30 day intervals, year-round to guarantee complete protection. 
Immediately before use, open the pouch and remove the tube. Hold tube at the crimped end with the cap in the upright position (tip up). Tap teh narrow part of the tube to ensure contents remain within the main body of the tube. Bend or twist the tip back until it snaps off.  Always keep the tube in the upright position until ready to use to prevent leaking.
Part the fur on the back of the pets neck at the base of the head, until skin is visible. Place the tube tip vertically against the skin.  Squeeze the tube and gently apply the solution in one spot. While keeping the tube squeezed, drag it away from the liquid and lift up to remove. Do not massage into the skin.  Do not apply when the haircoat is wet. For the first 30 minutes after application ensure the pet cannot lick the product from application sites on themselves or other treated animals.
Do not contact or allow children to contact the application site until dry.  Wash hands and contacted skin thoroughly with soap and water immediately after application.
Missed Doses
Give the dose as soon as you remember, unless it is time for the next dose.  Do not double dose.  If your pet has missed a dose please consult with your veterinarian. 
Side Effects
Selarid® Topical Solution is generally well tolerated in dogs & cats when given at the usual dose. Stiff hair, a damp appearance of the hair, or a powdery residue may be observed at the application site. There are very few side effects when the drug is given at the usual dose. The following side effects have been reported with the use of Selarid® Topical Solution: temporary hairloss and slight inflammation or scabs at or near application site, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, lethargy, salivation, incoordination, and itchiness. 
Ensure that the pet does not ingest the product. Other side effects may occur. If you notice anything unusual, contact your veterinarian.
Drug & Food Interactions
There are no documented drug interactions with this medication. Contact your veterinarian if your pet experiences any unusual reactions when different medications are given together. Make sure to tell your veterinarian what other medication you are giving to your pet. Quite often your veterinarian may prescribe two different medications, and a drug interaction may be anticipated. In this case, your veterinarian may vary the dose and/or monitor your pet more closely.
For topical use only. Avoid oral ingestion. Prior to administration, dogs should be tested for existing heartworms. For the first 30 minutes after application ensure the pet cannot lick the product from application sites on themselves or other treated animals. Children should not come in contact with the application site until area is dry. Product is highly flammable. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame or other sources of ignition. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
Allergic reactions to medications may occur. Be sure to inform VetSource and your veterinarian if your pet has any known drug sensitivities or allergies. If your pet displays symptoms of an allergic reaction, call your veterinarian immediately or go to a veterinary emergency clinic. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: swollen lips, tongue, face, airways; difficulty breathing; agitation; profuse salivation; vomiting; widespread hives and itching.
Adverse Reaction
If you are concerned that your pet has experienced an adverse reaction to this medication, please contact the manufacturer Norbrook at 866-591-5777 or contact Vetsource customer service at 877-738-4443.
Store long term at or below 86°F. Store in original packaging to protect from moisture.  Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in a childproof container. Store this medicine in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Store away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not store this medicine in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink or in damp places. The medicine may break down if exposed to heat or moisture.
Sourced directly from the manufacturer or their approved distributor. Guaranteed genuine product backed by the manufacturer.


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