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Primal only uses real, whole food ingredients – never any synthetic supplements. They rigorously select and source their ingredients from vendors who humanely raise, sustainably grow, and responsibly process all of the proteins, certified organic produce, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals in their products.

Raw meat-based pet foods offer the greatest nutritional value and are the most biologically appropriate diet for dogs and cats. Raw food is the closest thing to a natural diet we can feed our pets. From their noses to their tails, dogs and cats evolved to utilize the nutrients in raw meat and fresh whole foods. These diets deliver the highest digestibility for maximum nutrient absorption to help support healthy weight, reduced stool volume, healthy skin and coat, oral health and clear eyes. Raw foods are highly palatable for even the pickiest of eaters.

Real, whole food nutrition- never any synthetic supplements or minerals

No corn, wheat, soy, lentils or legumes, & no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Made with responsibly sourced, fresh, antibiotic, & steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat & meaty bones with no added hormones 

Crafted with USDA organic fruits and vegetables

Raw formulas crafted in the USA in Primal owned kitchens

Made with the strictest quality and safety standards