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 Paw Approved Ideas To Make Thanksgiving Special Fur Everyone

Paw Approved Ideas To Make Thanksgiving Special Fur Everyone

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Oct 31st 2023

Thanksgiving day officially kicks off the busy holiday season. If you’re looking for safe, fun, and memorable ways to celebrate the day with your pets, this one is for you!

Turkey Trot: The AKC hosts a virtual Turkey Trot that you can run or walk at your own pace with your dogs. And yes, there is even a medal for your dogs included you’re your $20 donation. Click here, to sign up! Additionally, we recommend searching your local area for in-person dog-friendly trots.

Throw Around The Ol’ Pigskin: Touch football is a great way to wake yourself back up, after that post-turkey coma! You can go the extra mile and get a football your dog can catch, so they can get in on the fun with you.

Leaves: Nothing brings more joy, than watching your dog jump in a massive pile of leaves. Plus, any attending kids will revel in the opportunity to throw leaves up in the air, and at one another.

Let’s Talk Turkey: There are some things you can, and cannot share with your pets during the big feast. Sure, you may have to tell Aunt Mavis to lay off slipping your pooch whatever table scraps she wants, but your dog’s belly will thank you for it.

What’s A Yes?

  1. Pet-Friendly Stuffing: Better yet, make it inside of a Kong. We subbed the Honest Kitchen for the Intuition Chicken Meal Topper. This will give your dog something to enjoy while you sit down at the table. Throw the filled Kong in the freezer for more of a challenge.
  2. Select Fruits and veggies: Pumpkin, apples, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas are great choices! Just make sure they are plain with no sugary or salty additives. PRO TIP – set these plain ingredients aside as you’re preparing your dishes to serve. That way your guests are not eating plain peas, but your dog is getting to enjoy them too.
  3. Small, Moderate Portions: Anything that you’re feeding outside of their regular routine, can upset their bellies. Plain pumpkin is your fibrous friend, and one of our favorite cures for the ‘runs’.

What’s a No-No?

  1. No Bones About It: Poultry bones are brittle, especially after they’re cooked. Steer clear of the looming mouth & intestinal injuries, and just say no.
  2. No Bowl Licking: Bowls used to mix bread and batter are not a welcome friend to your fur child. The yeast from bread can bloat your dog from the sugars converting into CO2 & alcohol. Furthermore, any batter from cakes or pies that has raw eggs may contain salmonella bacteria & can possibly lead to food poisoning.
  3. No Turkey Skin: All of the butter, oil, herbs, and spices that have been lathered onto the skin, can lead to a whole host of digestion problems - steer clear.
  4. No Thanksgiving Turkey Meat: Plain, unseasoned turkey is great for dogs, but that is rarely the case with the turkey that’s making an appearance on your Thanksgiving table. If you do elect to give your dog any, make sure it’s boneless, skinless, and only a small amount.

Traveling Far Away?: Traveling can be just as stressful for your dog as it is for us. Some basic questions to ask yourself before leaving: Can your pet easily get in and out of your vehicle? Does being in a crate or carrier cause them stress? Is your pet experiencing any health issues? If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider the following options:

  1. Local Boarding Facility: There are plenty of reputable facilities in your area. Some even offer a special Thanksgiving dinner for your pets on the holiday, and will keep you updated with photos the entire duration of your trip! We have a boarding facility of our own; click here, to book.
  2. Family Friends: If anyone you know is staying home, consider asking them to dog-sit for you.
  3. Consider Driving: Traveling by plane is hard enough for us, not to mention a dog, especially a larger one who cannot sit on your lap for the duration of the flight. If you can drive; do it! To help make them comfortable on the ride, bring their favorite bed, a safety harness, some calming hemp supplements, food & water + travel bowls, a leash, collar, current ID tag, favorite toys, and travel steps to make getting in out of the vehicle easy, etc.

What are you and your pet's favorite holiday traditions? Do you have any other ideas that you think we should share? Please, drop us a line! We hope you enjoyed this list, and that you have a fabulous holiday season.