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6 Pro Tips to Save Money While Pampering Your Pet

6 Pro Tips to Save Money While Pampering Your Pet

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on May 27th 2022

It’s no secret that prices of everything – including pet food and supplies – seem to be going up. But it’s still possible to take care of your pets and cut costs with these expert inflation-busting tips. 

Feed your pets premium food.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but more expensive food may actually be cheaper in the long run. That’s because premium foods, high in protein and rich in nutrients, generally require less per feeding to meet your pet’s needs. Even though it may cost more to start, a cup of premium food is probably less than two cups of bargain brand that doesn’t have the same ingredients. Not only will your pocketbook benefit, but your pet will appreciate better nutrition.

Look for store brands.

The economics are simple: Cutting out the middleman creates savings that get passed on to the customer. These products offer high quality and value prices and often have the same specifications as name brands. At Feeders Pet Supply, look for Intuition food and treats, Pure Flight bird seed and feeders, and Incredipet for a wide range of supplies, treats, and toys. All of these products come with a satisfaction guarantee, so if they don’t meet your expectations, you can bring them back for a no-hassle refund.

Set up an AutoOrder and save on every purchase.

Here’s a winning combo: make life easier and save money with AutoOrder. You can set up recurring shipments of food, litter, treats, bird seed, or anything you want to get regularly. You will instantly save 35 percent on the first AutoOrder you set up and then continue to get 5 percent off of all subsequent orders. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of your pet’s food and supplies.

Save your gas – let Feeders deliver.

With the high price of gas, the less driving the better. So why not shop from home on and select the home delivery option? Delivery is free on orders over $39 and you can usually get your order the same day if you place it before 2 p.m. Almost everything you can find in your neighborhood Feeders Pet Supply store is also available online and ready for delivery within a 10-mile radius of the store.

Become a Rewards member.

Membership definitely has its privileges – and its savings. Joining the Feeders Pet Supply Rewards program is free and easy, either in-store or automatically when you set up an online account. As a Rewards member, you earn points for purchases and get $10 coupons for every 600 points. You can also earn free food and products from more than 40 participating brands – just buy 12 items and your 13 th is free.

Guarantee the best price with the Price Match Promise.

When you shop at Feeders Pet Supply, not only can you get everything need you need for all the pets in your family, but you can be assured of getting the best price anywhere. With its Price Match Promise, Feeders will match the advertised price for the same item from any competitor. Forget about driving from store to store to get the best price on an item here and another item there; get it all, at the guaranteed best price, at Feeders Pet Supply.

With a few simple steps, you can keep your pet healthy and happy without busting the budget.