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Best spots to hike with your dog

Best spots to hike with your dog

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Nov 11th 2021

There is no better way to honor National Take a Hike Day than gathering up your four-legged pal, the supplies you need, and heading out to one of the many trails, nature reserves, and full-on dog parks in and near Kentucky. Here's your guide to some of the best places to hike with your dog in the state of Kentucky and beyond.

Louisville, KY: The Parklands/Turkey Run Park

Turkey Run Park is an amazing place to check out with your dog. With over 800 acres of forests and meadows, Turkey Run is full of natural wildlife like deer, turkey, and birds. Within the park, there are at least 17 miles of trails, some easy and some more of a challenge. Therefore, you get your pick of what kind of hike you and your pal are in the mood to explore.

Lexington. KY: Masterson Station Dog Park

Masterson Station is a dog park that is attached to Masterson Station Park in Lexington. The park itself is set up specifically to be a dog-friendly place to get out and get some exercise with your pooch. It boasts about 15 acres to roam and explore, but the park is divided into two separate paddocks by fencing that looks like it belongs on a horse farm but is backed with mesh so dogs can't escape. The area is actually outfitted with a fresh water fountain where your dog can stop and get a drink.

Cincinnati, OH: Beechwood Quarry and Red Oak Trail

This moderate, 4.2-mile trail loops through a forested area that is teeming with wildflowers and lush natural growth. In spite of being close to the city, the area is secluded and gives you and your dog an awesome place to hang out when you want to get away from the noise in town. Dogs do have to be kept on a leash on the trail, but the trek is well worth it for both dog and human companion.

Fort Mitchell, KY: Highland Cemetery Loop

If you are in the mood for a short nature excursion and a little historical exploration, the Highland Cemetery Loop is a nice place to visit if you have an hour or two to kill. The trail is roughly 1.7 miles long, relatively simple for any hiker's skill level, and is perfectly friendly for dogs. You will even find a small waterfall tucked away in the forest.

Danville, KY: Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge

The Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge offers over 500 acres to explore with numerous scenic trails to explore, fields to run in, and even nice benches when you want to take a break. Dogs are welcome at the refuge, but they should be kept on a leash to protect the local wildlife and fellow hikers.

Harrodsburg, KY: Kentucky River Palisades

The Kentucky River Palisades boasts everything from limestone cliffs to over 100 river miles, so this area offers so much to explore when you want to get out in nature with your canine companion. Waterfalls, side creeks, caves, waterways—every area of the park has something impressive to discover.

Don't Forget Your Supplies Before a Hike with Your Dog

As you get geared up and ready with all the things you will need for the day, don't forget that you may want to grab a few things to make sure both you and your dog have a good, enjoyable hike. Here are a few things to grab:

Don't forget—if you need to grab a few last-minute supplies before you head out on a hike with your dog, stop by and see us at Feeder Supply