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Combatting Cabin Fever with Your Pets During Winter

Combatting Cabin Fever with Your Pets During Winter

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Dec 15th 2021

While every part of the year has its natural allure, January and February can be two of the worst months for cabin fever. The coldest months roll in, and the outdoors is no longer as inviting to you or your pets. Don't let the winter blues settle in for your pets because you can't get out of the house as often.

Some high-energy pets, specifically dogs, really do need the added stimulation and exercise to protect their health as well. Check out these ideas to entertain your dog (or cat) during the winter.

Create an indoor obstacle course

Obstacle courses don't have to be huge to be entertaining. You can use items you already have around the house, such as:

  • Couch cushions to create hurdles
  • Chairs to create tricky paths
  • Sheets draped over a string to create a tunnel

For kitties, something like a new Nathan's Kitty Condos The Odie Cat Climber can be a lot of fun. Or, you can pick up a Petstages Scratch Tunnel.

Set up a playdate with a canine, feline, or human pal

If you and your pet are anxious to get out of the house, plan a playdate somewhere else. Dogs are especially likely to enjoy visiting a fellow canine friend at their home, but they also enjoy visiting humans they know who they may have not seen in a while. Cats, while not as keen on visiting and car rides as the average dog, may also enjoy a playdate with a special friend at home.

Play hide and seek

Both dogs and playful cats can thoroughly enjoy a good game of hide and seek. Of course, it will most likely be you that does all the hiding while your four-legged friend does all the seeking, but this is a good game to get your bored pet active. Simply sneak away, hide, and call your pet to start the game, or use a creative distraction like a new treat. An alternative to this game is to simply hide treats and toys around the house.

Pick up some interesting new toys

New toys are a sure-fire way to give your bored pet a little pep in its step. Something like the Outward Hound Twister Puzzle Game Dog Toy can keep a canine with the indoor blues entertained for hours. For cats, a new Telescoping Cat Teaser Wand can do the trick.

Visit an indoor dog park

OK, so this one may be canine-specific, but it is an excellent idea we had to include. Check your local listings to find an indoor dog park. If you have access to one, plan a trip—your doggie pal will definitely thank you for it. Before you head out, be sure to grab some waste bags to have on hand for accidents.

Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb with a Little Help

Cabin fever is no fun for anyone, whether they have two legs or four. However, with a few creative ideas and a trip to Feeder's Supply, your cat or dog will have a much more enjoyable winter.