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Dangerous Christmas Décor for pets

Dangerous Christmas Décor for pets

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Nov 26th 2021

Time with family and lavish home decor makes the holidays fun! Unfortunately, some Christmas decor can be harmful for four-legged family members. Some Christmas decor is toxic, while other decor is just a hazard. The question many pet owners ask: is it possible to decorate your home and keep your pet safe at the same time?

It is! Below we've outlined some best practices that can help you avoid an unfortunate accident with your pet this holiday season.

Put Up a Pet-Friendly Christmas Tree

Protect your ornaments from your pet (and your pet from your ornaments!) with these pet-friendly Christmas tree suggestions.

Place Glass and Fragile Ornaments Up High

Wagging tails have a way of knocking fragile ornaments off the tree, while curious cats take swipes at ornaments low to the ground. Place fragile ornaments up high, out of the reach of your furry friend.

No Food On the Tree - Period

No strings of popcorn or ornaments made out of cookies for your tree! Dogs and cats alike may try to make these ornaments into a meal.

Avoid Tinsel

Tinsel can easily become a toy for your dog or cat, and then later become an intestinal blockage. Put away the tinsel.

Consider a Pet-Friendly Tree

Consider replacing your full-size tree with a small tree set on a table, or an actual pet-friendly artificial tree with a tall trunk that puts the ornaments and greenery up high.

Alternatively, you can also put a Christmas tree baby gate around your full-sized tree to keep your dog away. (This may not work with cats!)

Avoid All Toxic Plants

Holly, mistletoe, lilies, poinsettia, Christmas rose and Christmas cactus are all toxic for dogs and cats. If you're in love with holiday plants and must have them in your house, buy quality artificial plants. They're easier to take care of anyway!

Avoid Use of Real Candles

Lit candles can be a danger in a house with pets. If you must have candles lit, battery-powered candles are safer.

Know Your Pet

Some pets eat everything, others are disciplined and uninterested in holiday decor. If you're in a house with a new pet this holiday season, best not risk it. Pet-proof your holiday decor until you're sure that your new pet is unlikely to play with or eat your decorations.

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