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Keeping Your Cat Out of Your Christmas Tree

Keeping Your Cat Out of Your Christmas Tree

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Nov 29th 2022

Cats are curious, playful creatures that love turning Christmas trees into toys! Some cats are prone to jumping on trees to knock them over, while other cats drag ornaments and tinsel down on on themselves throughout the holidays. There's all kinds of problems that can happen in a house with a curious cat and an unsuspecting Christmas tree. With these tips and tricks, you can protect your cat (and your tree!).

Opt for Artificial and Relatively Small

Real pine needles fall easily to the ground and make an attractive snack for your cat. Also, cats are attracted to water dishes that feed thirsty trees. Good quality artificial trees shed fewer needles and require no water, so they're better for cats.

If you do use a real tree over an artificial tree, cover the water dish with your tree skirt and pile on the presents to keep your kitty out! Vacuum needles regularly to keep them off the floor.

Smaller trees are best. Small trees tend to be sturdier, and if they do fall, they're lightweight and less likely to harm your cat.

Position the Tree Away From Furniture

Can't you just imagine your cat climbing a chair, aiming for the tree and launching into the room to tackle your ornaments? If you can, then keep your tree away from furniture.

Keep the Ornaments Up

Place breakable ornaments, keepsakes and ornaments your cat would like to play with all at the top of your tree. Place plastic ornaments on the bottom half of your tree, so even if your cat does knock down an ornament or two, they're unlikely to break.

Oh, and no tinsel! Cats can eat tinsel, which can turn into a blockage in the intestines.

Make Your Christmas Tree Prickly and Citrus-y

Decorate the bottom half of your tree with citrus-smelling pine cones. Cats tend to stay away from things that smell like citrus and lemon, and of course, pine cones are prickly and not easy to eat.

Keep Those Metal Hooks Off the Ground

Metal hooks that people use to hang ornaments on the tree can be a hazard for your cat. Use string to tie the ornaments to your tree.

Keep Wires Out of the Way

Some cats like to chew strands of Christmas lights. Keep the wires for your lights well-hidden under the tree skirt, and plug in the tree close to the outlet.

Have a Happy, Safe Holiday With Your Kitty!

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