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Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Sep 15th 2022

When we bring a pet into our homes it is for a lifetime. As our pets age, it is important to ensure they receive all the care they need. We curated a guide of tips and tricks to keep your pet happy and healthy through their senior years.

Senior Pet Food

Keep your beloved pets glowing during their golden years with food specifically formulated for senior pets. Senior pet food formulas are created to meet the needs of your aging pets.

Throughout their years, the nutrition needs of dogs change. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, senior dogs require higher quality protein levels. Senior dogs also can benefit from formulas including antioxidants as this will boost their immune system. Feeders Pet Supply has a wide variety of food options formulated specifically for your older dog.

To lead a healthy and happy life for senior cats, need an abundance of nutrients in their food. Healthy senior cat food should contain antioxidants, minerals, high-quality protein, and vitamins. Thankfully, we have just the right selection of senior cat foods for your feline friends.


As our pets age, they may need to supplement their diet to keep their joints and bones healthy. Ingredients like glucosamine, omega fatty acids, MSM, creatine, and Tumeric can be found in senior pet supplements. These ingredients support muscles, bones, and cartilage.

Two of our favorite joint supplements for dogs are Liquid Health Pets Original K9 Glucosamine Supplement and Naturvet Senior Wellness Chewable Joint Supplement. We didn’t forget about the senior cats! Try our Intuition Soft Chew Joint Supplement or Naturvet Vitapet Senior Daily Vitamins Plus Glucosamine Cat Soft Chews.

Beds, Stairs, and Ramps

Just like us, our pet’s bodies become more fragile as they age. Activities like jumping onto the couch, bed, or in the car can cause serious strain on senior pets. Thankfully, there are stairs, such as the PetSafe PupSTEP Stairs, designed just for pets allowing them to safely make their way onto the couch or bed.

If your pet loves car rides but struggles when getting into the car, it may be time to get them a ramp for easy access into and out of the car. We recommend the PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp. This PetSafe ramp provides a high-traction surface and side rails to keep your furry friend from slipping.

We always want to make sure our pets are comfortable. Especially when they are getting older and spend most of the day in their beds. If you notice that your pet is taking a bit longer to get out of their bed, they may benefit from an orthopedic bed. Orthopedic beds help to relieve joint pains and provide support to their muscles and joints while they rest. Feeders Pet Supply has a variety of orthopedic beds for your furry family members. One of our favorites is the Aspen Pet Bolster Orthopedic Pet Bed by Petmate.

Keep them Active

Our older pets may be content cuddled up in their bed sleeping the day away. While they might not have the same energy they had when they were younger, it is still important to find ways to stimulate their mind and body daily. A simple walk around the block is a great way to incorporate exercise into your pet’s routine. Not only will a gentle walk keep your pet’s muscles strong, but the sights and smells will also help engage their mind with the world around them.

However, you may have a senior dog who can’t do much walking due to joint pains or other health conditions. Puzzle toys are the perfect way to keep your pet happy and their mind enriched with little physical activity. One of our go-to puzzle toys is the Outward Hound Twister Puzzle Game Dog Toy. Or, if your pup is food motivated, challenge them by filling a KONG Senior Dog Toy with their favorite treats.