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Shredding for a Good Cause

Shredding for a Good Cause

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Jan 3rd 2022

Feeders Pet Supply is inviting pet parents who are overloaded with extra boxes from out-of-town pet suppliers to bring them to their local Feeders Pet Supply. As part of the “Shredding for a Good Cause” campaign, the boxes will be shredded and donated to local pet rescue groups for bedding materials. Everyone that brings in a box to be recycled will receive a coupon for free home delivery from Feeders Pet Supply. During the month of January, pet parents can bring cardboard boxes from pet supplies shipped by Amazon or Chewy to any Feeders Pet Supply store for shredding. 

Did you know that cardboard shavings provide a healthy and dust-free bedding for pets? They are highly odor absorbent and provide a non-toxic eco-conscious lining.

Every year, an estimated 850 million tons of cardboard is thrown away in the United States, which is equivalent to roughly 1.4 million trees. Cardboard that ends up in a landfill produces methane and carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. 

Instead of tossing your extra boxes, bring them to your local Feeders Pet Supply and provide bedding for animals who need it the most!

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