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Exo Terra Moisture Retaining Ceramic Reptile Cave with Lid S

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Without a proper hide and sleeping area, reptiles can easily develop stress that may affect their well-being and appetite. The Exo Terra® Big Rock offers your reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates a secure place to hide and sleep, while the moist microclimate will support thermo-regulation, hydration, and aid the natural shedding process of reptiles. The unique hygroscopic properties of the ceramic material regulate the hide’s humidity and temperature in a natural way by absorbing and slowly releasing moisture from the water reservoir. Adequate air humidity levels create a healthy environment and help prevent respiratory infections. This eco-friendly ceramic hide can be easily integrated into any type of terrarium, and by simply adding moistened Exo Terra® Forest Moss or Sphagnum Moss, the hide provides an ideal egg-laying site for various species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The removable lid allows easy access to check on your reptiles or to remove an egg clutch for incubating purposes.

8cm H x 11cm W x 13cm D – 3.15″H x 4.30″W x 5.10″D – water capacity 20 mL


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