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Fly Lid 5 Gallon Bucket Fly Trap

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Take control of big fly problems with the 5 Gal Fly-Condo™. Unlike other traps that rely on poison or sticky adhesive to trap flies, the 5 Gallon Bucket Fly-Condo™ lid allows you to turn an ordinary 5 gallon bucket into an effective, non-toxic large sized fly trap. Simply bait the bucket with the attractant of your choice. You can use common ingredients from around the house like vinegar, fruit, honey… sometimes even red wine can be the best fly killer! Once the flies catch the scent of your bait, they will fly down the funnels and won’t be able to get back out. The Fly-Lid Bucket Lid is discreet and does not rely on foul odors to bring in the flies, so you can place it next to your house or patio if you are using a bait that is not stinky.  If you are wanting to take care of a big fly problem outside, you can use a more potent bait (a few pieces of shrimp in water really makes the flies go crazy after a day or so). You can catch hundreds of thousands of Flies in a single bucket!  When you want to empty the contents, just remove the lid, dump the bucket and you can reuse the lid to catch more flies in the same bucket!


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