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Marineland LED Pod Color Changing without Remote

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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The Marineland Color Changing LED POD without Remote allows you to customize the colors in your aquarium. Use this adjustable POD to create an underwater environment customized to your personal style. One remote sold separately controls multiple color-changing pods for different effects, like sunrise, sunset, lightning and clouds. Add to your collection of PODs (not controlled by remote) and create a large number of combinations. Select any color of the rainbow and illuminate your tank with personal style. Use interchangeably with other Marineland LED PODs for the perfect customized combination.

  • CUSTOMIZED AQUARIUM LIGHTING: Create different effects, like sunrise, sunset, lightning and clouds.
  • SELECT ANY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW: Choose from any color of the rainbow and watch as your tank illuminates your favorite colors.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: Fits all Elive™ Track Light fixtures.
  • RGB PODS: Add more color to your aquarium while also controlling color and intensity.
  • GREAT AQUARIUM ADDITIONS: Add on color-changing PODs (not controlled by remote) to increase options in your fish tank.


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