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Marineland Multi-Stage C-530 Canister Filter, 530 GPH

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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$299.99 $299.99
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  • Allows the water to receive full-contact filtration with virtually no bypass so it can return to your aquarium as good as new.
  • Excellent three-stage filtration process maintains a crystal clear and healthy environment for fish to thrive in.
  • Durable, effective and long-lasting filter makes keeping an aquarium easier.
  • Provides fish, plants and coral with the clear, clean and safe water they need.
  • Effectively filters particulate and debris.
Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter is designed with an effective 3-stage filtration system consisting of biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. The bio-filter balls are designed to grow the beneficial bacteria that are needed for biological filtration, and excel at removing toxic ammonia and nitrites. Unlike other canister filters, Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter has no bypass option, meaning that it only has the ability to produce clean water. The replaceable media slots provide the mechanical and chemical filtration, screening out dirt and debris while removing odors, discoloration and impurities. The 100% water-to-media contact ensures a crystal clear, healthy environment for your plants and marine life. This 3-stage, clean water-producing system will guarantee that your aquatic environment thrives to its highest ability.


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