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Misc Frozen Mice

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Frozen mice safely and conveniently satisfy your pet reptile's carnivorous cravings and predatory instincts. By stimulating a reptile's natural diet, rodents help to keep reptiles happy and healthy. Frozen mice are free of any internal parasites, mites, or ticks and are completely safe. 

  • - Do not microwave!
  • - Use tongs to handle frozen rodents and use the same storage and handling guidelines as you would for any perishable products.
  • - Remove frozen rodent from bag and allow to thaw at room temperature. (Be sure that the rodent is completely thawed before feeding to your pet.)
  • - A quicker way to thaw is to place the frozen rodent in a plastic bag and run under warm water until the rodent reaches room temperature. Then, check to make sure the rodent is soft all the way through.
  • - Wash hands after handling all food items


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