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Novox Caplets

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Novox® Caplets
Product Information
Novox® is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent used to relieve pain and inflammation in dogs.
Generic Name
Brand Names
Rimadyl®, Carprieve®, Carprovet®, Norocarp®, Novox®, quellin®, Rovera®, Vetprofen®
Drug Class
Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID)
Product Description & Form
Novox® 25 mg Caplets: 12 mm, oval, white tablet, scored in half, imprinted with 25;MG;NOVOX. (NDC 50989-0850-02, 50989-0850-50, 50989-0850-86)
Novox® 75 mg Caplets: 15 mm, oval, white tablet, scored in half, imprinted with 75;MG;NOVOX. (NDC 50989-0852-02, 50989-0852-50, 50989-0852-86)
Novox® 100 mg Caplets19 mm, oval, white tablet, scored in half, imprinted with 100;MG;NOVOX. (NDC 50989-0854-02, 50989-0854-50, 50989-0854-86)
  • Used in dogs for the relief of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis
  • Used to control post-operative pain associated with soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries
Active Ingredient
Novox® Caplets should be given orally as directed by your veterinarian. Routine laboratory monitoring is recommended prior to use and periodically while on this medication.
Missed Doses
Give the dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue with the regular schedule. Do not give two doses at once.
Side Effects
Side effects may include mild stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, black tarry stools, drowsiness and aggression. Notify your veterinarian if side effects appear and remain troublesome.
Concomitant use of carprofen with other anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids should be avoided due to increased risk of adverse reactions.
Other side effects may occur, if you notice anything unusual, contact your veterinarian.
Drug & Food Interactions
The following drugs can potentially interact with Novox: phenytoin, valproic acid, oral anticoagulants, other anti-inflammatory agents, salicylates, sulfonamides, sulfonylurea anti-diabetic agents, probenecid, methotrexate, furosemide, digoxin, and glucocorticoids such as prednisone. Contact your veterinarian if your pet experiences any unusual reactions when different medications are given together.
Ensure your veterinarian is aware of all medications and/or supplements you are giving to your pet. Quite often your veterinarian may prescribe two different medications, even if a potential drug interaction may occur. In this case, your veterinarian may vary the dose and/or monitor your pet more closely.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for human use. For use in dogs only. Do not use in cats. Do not use in dogs with a previous history of hypersensitivity to carprofen.
Allergic reactions to medications may occur. Be sure to inform Vetsource and your veterinarian if your pet has any known drug sensitivities or allergies. If your pet displays symptoms of an allergic reaction, call your veterinarian immediately or go to a veterinary emergency clinic. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: swollen lips, tongue, face, airways; difficulty breathing; agitation; profuse salivation; vomiting; widespread hives and itching.
Adverse Reactions
If you are concerned that your pet has experienced an adverse reaction to this medication, please contact Vedco at 888-708-3326 or Vetsource customer service at 877-738-4443.
Store in a cool, dry place at controlled room temperature (68°F to 77°F). Keep the medication in a childproof container and out of the reach of children and pets. Store away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not store this medicine in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in damp places. The medicine may break down if exposed to heat or moisture.
Sourced directly from the manufacturer or their approved distributor. Guaranteed genuine product backed by the manufacturer.


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