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Omega One Frozen Cichlid Formula Fish Food 3.5 oz

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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This nutritious mix of fresh animal proteins and vegetable matter is the ideal diet for most cichlids. It is made with a variety of the finest quality seafoods to address the cichlid's opportunistic feeding habits. These cold-water marine proteins are then combined with fresh ocean kelp and spirulina, providing a balanced diet complete with essential vitamins and minerals.

• Made in the USA from fresh, sustainable Alaskan seafood.
• Unique low-moisture formula contains over 3x more food than traditional frozen foods.
• Meal and grain free, resulting in less organic waste and a cleaner aquarium. 
• A complete, balanced diet fortified with vitamins.
• Omega One® Advanced Floating Technology in each cube.
• Enhanced with garlic for palatability and parasite resistance.


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