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Scoochie Bull Pizzle Dog Chew

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Besides being a favorite treat, bully sticks also provide various health benefits to your dogs.

  • Nutrient-dense treats
    Bully sticks are excellent protein sources and are low in carbs and fat. Hence, you can even offer them to overweight dogs. They are easily digestible, too.

  • Improves dental health
    The texture and consistency of bully sticks make them ideal for warding off tartar and plaque. They help improve your dog's breath and promote stronger jaw muscles.

  • Safe and durable
    Since bully sticks constitute a single ingredient, there are no issues of splintering into broken pieces. It avoids the risk of choking. Furthermore, they last up to several hours, making them perfect for a long-lasting chew.

  • Mental stimulation
    Chewing on bully sticks keeps your dog occupied for a long time and prevents them from chewing on furniture, shoes, and upholstery.


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