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Tetra SafeStart Plus Concentrated Freshwater Aquarium Bacteria

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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$11.99 - $20.99
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Tetra® aquarium products are dedicated to helping seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike enjoy a successful, life-long aquatic experience. Tetra products build fish-, reptile- and pond-keeping confidence, one innovation at a time. Our complete line of Tetra® nutrition, water care, filtration and aquarium products help make fishkeeping accessible to all hobbyists so they can benefit from its rewards.

Tetra® SafeStart™ Plus creates a biologically active environment to allow fast introduction of fish into newly set-up fish aquariums. Tetra SafeStart Plus reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite for a healthy start for fish in all freshwater aquariums. Contains live bacteria that start working immediately to provide a safe environment for new fish.

“Cycling” your tank means growing the correct, healthy bacteria on a new filtration system to remove dangerous toxins. This concentrated formula speeds up the cycling process by accelerating the establishment of beneficial bacteria from the start for fast, safe results.

  • FOR SETTING UP NEW AQUARIUMS: Accelerates of the establishment of healthy bacteria in newly set-up freshwater aquariums.
  • REDUCES TOXINS: Helps remove dangerous levels of ammonia and nitrite.
  • ACCELERATES TANK CYCLING: Helps establish your tank for fast results.
  • FAST-ACTING: Starts working immediately to provide a biologically active environment for new fish without a long wait.
  • USAGE: Treat when setting up a new aquarium.


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