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What you Need to know about Raw Pet Food

What you Need to know about Raw Pet Food

Posted by Feeders Pet Supply on Feb 28th 2023

If you follow fellow pet parents on Instagram or TikTok you are sure to have raw feeding. Many pet owners have started incorporating raw food products into their fur babies' diets. What is raw feeding? What are the benefits? What products should I choose? This guide to raw feeding will answer all your questions and more.

What are Raw Food Products?

There are three categories in the raw food category - frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, and dehydrated. Frozen raw products are made when ingredients are frozen in their raw form. Freeze-dried raw products are frozen at a very low temperature that removes the moisture. Dehydrated products are cooked at a low temperature to remove moisture and maintain nutritional value.

Raw food products are made mostly out of meat, organs, and cartilage. Many of these food products are grain and gluten-free. They may include fruits or vegetables and be fortified with vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of Feeding Raw?

There is a multitude of benefits when you incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet. This method promotes healthy digestion because it is limited in carbohydrates. It also provides higher amounts of prebiotics and probiotics than most kibble. Raw food typically is higher in omega fatty acids which leads to healthy skin and a shinier coat. Other benefits to this method of feeding include improved hydration, dental health, and better stools.

How do I Incorporate Raw into my Pet’s diet?

Just like there are different types of raw food, there are different ways to incorporate them into your pet’s diet.


One of the easiest ways to introduce raw food into your pet’s routine is with toppers. There are a variety of freeze-dried toppers that you can add as a supplement to your pet’s kibble. Some of our favorite freeze-dried toppers are Stella & Chewy’s Magic Dust, Koha Raw Life Freeze-Dried Raw Topper, and Primal Raw Frozen Butchers Blend Food Topper. You can also add Raw Goat’s Milk or Bone Broth to your pet’s kibble for added nutrition and hydration.

Frozen Food

Frozen raw food comes in many forms - nuggets, patties, and more! You should always keep raw foods frozen until you are ready to feed them to your pet.You should thaw frozen food overnight in the refrigerator for six to 10 hours. Or you can thaw the food for 20 minutes directly out of the freezer before mealtime. There are options for both dogs and cats. Don’t forget - we deliver frozen food right to your door!

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods

If you don’t want to take up the space in your freezer or are looking for a more budget-friendly option, freeze-dried and dehydrated food is a great choice! These foods should be stored in a cool, dark place. You can rehydrate this food with water or serve it as a supplement on top of kibble. We offer a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for both cats and dogs.


Raw goes further than just food and toppers - there are treats too! You can brighten your pet’s day with a frozen raw treat. There are great freeze-dried treat options from Vital Essentials and Intuition.

What Brands Carry Raw Food?

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s carries a variety of raw and freeze-dried products and provides more economical options. Their products contain 90 - 95% meat, organs, and bones. This mimics a dog’s ancestral diet. They are also made with 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables.

Primal Pet Foods Inc.

Primal Products include certified organic produce and unrefined vitamins and minerals. Their product line takes a “build the bowl” approach. Primal carries everything from freeze-dried kibble to toppers to raw goat's milk.

Boss Nation

Boss Nation carries products for both cats and dogs under their Boss Dog and Boss Cat lines. Their products focus on probiotics and gut health.


Instinct’s products are backed by 10 years of research, involving more than 16,000 dogs. Each recipe is crafted with a purpose. There are formulas created for puppy and kitten, adult and senior. Every recipe supports the health of the heart, immune system, gut, skin, and coat.

Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials use responsibly sourced animal proteins. Vital Essentials believes in the Alpha-Prey Diet Model. Their products primarily consist of meat, organ, and bones.


Tucker’s products are unique because their products are made of muscle meat, organ, bone, and pumpkin. Every formula contains pumpkins because it is a great source of low glycemic fiber and offers digestive support. Tucker’s food is emulsified to make it easier for your pet to digest. The company works to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing from local farms.