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A&E Vitapol Vitaline Smakers Super Foods for Small/Medium Birds 2 pk

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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  • Smakers Vitaline Super Foods Treat Stick is a 100% natural treat perfect for small to medium birds
  • Full of delicious, dried fruits that are a source of numerous vitamins and minerals that are preserved thanks to the low-temperature production method
  • This Healthy treat stick is a treasury of vitamins and other valuable minerals supporting the birds health
  • Designed for the health of the bird, including its hard structure additionally cares for the beak, supporting their regular abrasion
canary grass seeds, wheat flour, red sorghum, chia seeds (10%), yellow millet, black cumin seeds, sesame seeds (2.5%), amaranth seeds (2%), red clover seeds, grass seeds, lettuce seeds


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